As a Senior Product Designer at Segment, I recently workshopped with my teammates to build a customer journey map. I wanted to share my experience and the impact I saw it have on our team.

A customer journey map is a visualization of the process that a user goes through in order to accomplish a goal. In a team/ organization, the maps are typically used for —

Illustrated by Qiao Huang

As part of this year’s San Francisco Design Week, I gave a talk about my journey designing a no-code tool, including the challenges I faced and what I’ve learned as a Product Designer. I was pleasantly surprised that more than 500 people tuned in to listen to the talk. It was a clear indicator of the level of interest for this topic.

If you’re thinking about building a no code tool, or you’d like to learn more about designing a technical product for non-technical users, you’re in the right place — My team and I recently launched a no-code tool…

Utilize your calendar and block time for self care

Do you often rush through or even (accidentally) skip your meals because you feel short on time? Block a 30–60 minutes on your calendar for meal time! Personally, I plan literally everything on my calendar, for example, time for practicing Ukulele, showering, making arts, exercising, etc. When I do things that are planned, I feel more at peace because I know exactly how much time I have for a certain activity, and also, I know that I have planned time for other important things. Other than planning things out, I also keep track on how I am actually keeping up…

The beginning

Over a year ago, the brand design team and I were working on Segment’s marketing website, We started to notice some trends in the lack of efficiency of our process. Namely, that:

  1. EPD (Engineering, Product and Design) teams usually spent at least 4 sprints to produce a single webpage
  2. As the marketing team scaled — which this past year, it did a great deal — we got more and more web page requests, but we lacked both the resources and time to invest…

Qiao Huang

I write about design methodologies + product thinking. currently Sr. Product Designer @ Segment. Taiwanese expat in SF, artist, tea addict.

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